10 Amazing Tiny House Communities

There’s more than safety in numbers when it comes to tiny homes.

There’s also the ability to share your expertise and knowledge as well as learn from others in the tiny house movement.

So, if you want to live in a tiny home it can pay to seek out one of these 10 tiny house communities and pool your resources.

Tiny living has never been so good! Ask these tiny house dwellers!

Habitats Tiny Homes | California

Based near San Diego, Habitats Tiny Homes has 20 homes there that are aimed at the “ecologically minded”. This tiny house community is friendly and welcoming, though there’s no tiny house community garden just yet.

Tiny House Communities

The tiny houses cost between $35,000 and $60,000 (though that doesn’t include the land) in this tiny house village but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy to join the community – California has a long track record of refusing licensing to unusual developments.

Spur | West Texas

Spur was the first town in the country to offer tiny houses a guaranteed building permit. That means permanent residents of these tiny houses are welcome not just in this tiny house community but also in the wider community.


They won’t allow you to build just anything (sorry but no “yurts”) but as long as you have a reasonable plan then Spur is happy to let you and your tiny home move in. It’s a true tiny home community and the only thing missing, so far, is a dog park.

Lemon Cove Village | Sequoia National Park

Out in the Sierra Nevada you can find this RV park that offers a place to build a tiny house (and install utilities easily) for just $595 a month! Tiny houses don’t get much better than that!

Sequoia National Park

That means it’s easy to move and get started and if you haven’t got a “dream home” just yet, they can sell you a prefab. TIny house villages where the tiny house of your dreams is affordable and easy to move into are very rare.

Orlando Lakefront | Florida

They’ve only got a dozen or so tiny homes on the site at the moment but the Orlando Tiny Community Lakefront is enthusiastic to welcome more people and with lots at as little as $350 a month, we suspect that there will soon be a much larger tiny home community here.

It’s nice to have other tiny house dwellers around you as you get used to living a tiny house village and the vast majority of people nearby are super friendly!

Orlando Lakefront | Florida

Green Bridge Farm | Georgia

With plots from just $300 a month, Green Bridge Farm is a tiny home builders dream!

Green Bridge Farm

If you don’t want to lease then you can buy a small lot for as little as $30,000!

They are also on the doorstep of Savannah National Wildlife Refuge if you want to spend time out in nature enjoying the world.

Airstream Village | Nevada

They’ve got the homes waiting for you from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, all you need is the $1,200 rent which includes your Wi-Fi and the utility bills!

Airstream Village

You can’t really argue with that and if you love alpacas, you’ll love Airstream Village.

Chafee County | Colorado

This is the biggest tiny home community in the country.

They have over 200 tiny homes (typical selling price is $60,000) and there are plenty of other similar communities across the whole of the state.

Chafee County

The management company is Sprout Tiny Homes, check them out.

Acme | Michigan

They’ve turned this old RV park into a tiny home lot – though the lots are not tiny with 5,000 Square feet being the typical size of the lot available.

Michigan tiny home communities

This is a really nice place to set up if you need your own large garden to go with a small home.

Detroit – Michigan

Detroit’s been on hard times and now they’re regenerating with tiny homes as the star attraction.

detroit housing

If you’re looking for a city where they love tiny homes then you can do much worse than move to Detroit and enjoy the community there.

Portland | Oregon

Portland is also a city which is super friendly to tiny homes and if you want to set up in Oregon they’ve got quite the community waiting for you there.

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