Tiny House Design & Construction Guide

What could be kinder to the planet than reducing the footprint of the place that you live in?

Of course, while owning a tiny house is very desirable for the environment it can be very challenging to build one.

Unless you have a copy of the Tiny House Design & Construction Guide by Dan Louche.

Tiny House Design

Step-By-Step Construction Details

By the way, before you build a tiny house, you should read our guide to tiny houses. There’s a lot you need to know.

The original edition of this book wasn’t quite comprehensive enough, people found it a bit confusing to get their project from start to finish.

The more recent second edition is much better – it’s been massively expanded (it’s about 50% bigger than the original) and it contains all the drawings you need to work your way from planning to complete home.

We liked the fact that even the wiring diagrams for electrical supply and the plumbing diagrams were included as these can be very tricky to work out if you’re not a skilled professional.

Tiny House construction

Dan Louch Is An Author You Can Trust

Dan Louch isn’t just some random guy, either. He runs a business called Tiny Home Builders and he’s been featured on HGTV explaining the nuts and bolts of tiny homes too.

He has spent years teaching people who they can turn their dreams of a tiny home into reality.

Overall, this is the best book on the market for people who actually want to build a tiny home, it really does cover everything that you need to know to turn your dream into reality.

You can find Tiny House Design & Construction Guide online.

For an inspirational story about one woman’s tiny house experience don’t miss The Big Tiny by Dee Williams.

Looking for tiny house inspiration? Check out one of our faves on microshelters here.

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