Toilet Paper Alternatives Key To Greener Bathrooms

There are many things on people’s priority lists when it comes to going green, but toilet paper alternatives may not be on the top of that list. 

Yet, whether you use a composting toilet or a travel trailer toilet or an ordinary household one, everyone has to clean with something, right?

We’ve already examined a better form of toilet paper with Who Gives a Crap? 

Now, here are some awesome eco-friendly toilet paper alternatives that you might want to use instead of using toilet paper at all.

Toilet Paper Cloths

They need a little work to store and clean but toilet paper cloths are very cost-effective when compared to toilet paper.

You don’t use any fabric softener or dryer sheets when cleaning them as it makes them more absorbent. 


This eoc-friendly bidet-style device is attached to the toilet and comes in a choice of 9 different color combinations. 

Tushy is reasonably priced and easy to install and for every device you buy, they donate some cash to building toilets in India.


There’s no trees involved in making the tree-free paper that is Reel. 

Instead, the company has turned its attention to bamboo which is biodegradable and much easier to renew than trees.

Some of the profits go to providing toilets to communities in need. 

Thrive Market

This is a toilet paper but it involves no cutting down trees. 

Instead, they use a blend of bamboo fiber and a mulch made from pulping consumer packaging – it’s essentially recycling what would otherwise go to landfill. 

Thrive Market’s Bath Tissue is also very cost-effective and totally non-toxic.

Bio Bidet SlimGlow

This Bio Bidet Slimglow bidet is said to be 50% slimmer than any other major competitor’s bidet but it works just as well as any of them.

The dual nozzle combination is useful as it allows for easy washing wherever a flow is needed and there’s even a battery-powered night lite to ensure that there are no disasters in the dark.

Marley’s Monsters UNpaper

Yes, UNpaper. It’s really cotton flannel and that means it’s another reusable alternative to toilet paper and it’s famed for being extremely soft and delicate on your undercarriage.

It also comes in a rather neat roll like ordinary toilet paper which can make it easier for kids to get to grips with. 

One thing we need to point out – it’s a really bad idea to try and flush this. Check out Marley’s Monsters here.

We can appreciate that not every one of our toilet paper alternatives will be ideal for everybody. But, overall, there are plenty of ways to replace your toilet paper with a more eco-friendly method of washing.