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Have you heard of Tree Tribe? Want to do your shopping and save the planet at the same time?

Well, Tree Tribe can help.

Tree Tribe products

They plant a tree every time they make a sale and they say that they’ve planted more than 400,000 trees in over a dozen countries so far!

The company says that trees are the lungs of the Earth and that they see it as the most straightforward way to demonstrate their love for the people of the world and to the planet itself.

They encourage you to hug a tree to get in touch with nature too!

tree tribe forest

Of course, planting trees is a good start but there’s more to it than that.

They also extend their eco-friendly attitude throughout their product range; their mission is to give back to the planet in every way that they can.

An Introduction To Tree Tribe Products

The Tree Tribe focus is squarely on active wear.

You won’t be surprised to find that most Tree Tribe products are best enjoyed outdoors. Many are also suitable for lounging around or working at home as well!

Leggings And Yoga Shorts

tree tribe leggings

They’ve just launched a brand-new range of leggings which, along with the shorts, always come with the option of a natural or a high waist.

The materials are all upcycled which drastically cuts down on the environmental impact too.

They also use a specific moisture wicking process to keep things comfortable all day long no matter how hard you work.

Bamboo Sunglasses

tree tribe bamboo sunglasses

Bamboo is the perfect material for sunglasses frames. We love wood sunglasses.

It’s super eco-friendly with a very low footprint but it’s still strong, supple and long-lasting.

Also, they look great and have a unique “nature vibe” about them, you really need to see them for yourself to appreciate them.

Leaf Leather

tree tribe leaf leather wallets

Leaf leather is, as it sounds like, a leather substitute that is made entirely from tree leaves.

It’s been a labor of love from Tree Tribe but they say their current process creates strong, long lasting products that really are super.

Their vegan wallets and purses are very stylish and there’s one to go with everything.

Eco Bottles

eco bottles from treetribe

These eco-friendly water bottles are equipped with a full-life time warranty as well as a double lining that’s guaranteed to keep whatever drink you keep in them at the temperature you want them to be.

Construction is mainly from stainless steel with a little tree-based product thrown in.

Tees, Hats and Bras

tree tribe hats

All of their t-shirts have been inspired by nature and they are lightweight and super comfortable too.

Their range of trendy sport bras are made out of upcycled polyester and they are both comfy and supportive in all the right places.

Face Masks

natural face masks

We imagine that they launched this particular range earlier on this year.

They are all completely reusable and washable and are dyed using water based inks that are completely safe to the wearer.

They can be purchased to match leggings, shorts or sports bras and as with everything else, if you buy a mask, they plant a tree.

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If you’re a second-hand clothing or vintage lover (get circular!) you might be able to find some secondhand Tree Tribe products at one of our recommeded online thrift shops.

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