Unpaper Towels Reduce Paper Waste Beautifully

Some people think that paper waste is no longer a problem thanks to the near universal spotlight on plastic waste now.

Sadly, this just isn’t true.

While it is true that a couple of trees are planted for each tree cut down to make paper and that a lot of paper is recycled, and all paper is biodegradable – this still isn’t the best thing for the planet.

The best thing for the planet is a sustainable, reusable alternative to paper that eliminates (or at least massively reduces) waste in the first place.

It takes much less energy to carry out this process and that’s what the world needs.

The Unpaper Towels Revolution

Unpaper Towels from Prairie Cloth Company

The unpaper towel is not a new invention. It didn’t take a world class inventor to realize that the best towels in the kitchen are actual towels.

The unpaper towel is simply a traditional piece of towel shaped like a piece of paper kitchen toweling.

They are more absorbent than paper and they last much longer than paper, particularly if they are cared for properly and washed and dried on a regular basis.

Thus you have an elegant, green alternative to paper which is no different to what you’re used to.

Our current favorite unpaper towels are from The Prairie Cloth Company and you can find them on Etsy here.

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