Upcycled Beauty Trend Picks Up Pace

We love eco-friendly beauty products. We’ve been keen to support clean beauty brands, natural and organic brands and those who talk about them but upcycled beauty has us even more exicited!

What Is Upcycled Beauty?

The essence of good environmental practice is to ensure that you don’t create waste.  The less waste you create, the less you have to take from the environment to replace it. 

So, upcycled beauty adheres to that principle and it seeks to take things that might otherwise go to waste and make them into beauty products.

This eliminates the waste and creates a practical (and attractive) application for it.

What Is Upcycled Beauty?

Why Is This Something To Watch Out For?

WholeFoods, yes the massive Amazon subsidiary, identified it as one of the key beauty practices that are about to go mainstream.

They noted that it’s super easy to use repurposed natural ingredients such as coffee grounds, argan shells, or even discarded apricot stones in skincare treatments. 

Thus, food waste doesn’t need to be waste at all and can be “given new life”. 

Try The Trend

You can do your own upcycling.  It would be easy to make a herbal blend face scrub from coffee grounds or a face serum if you were to take the oil from those grounds. 

Grind an apricot stone into powder and you have a super base for a cleansing face balm. 

You could even take some maple bark extract combine it with some coffee extract and use it to make a powerful eye cream!

upcyced beauty trend

Final Thoughts On Upcycled Beauty

Upcycle beauty is a trend that it’s impossible not to be excited about. 

Of course, it’s good for the planet and that’s a big win but it’s also good for us (our beauty care regime can expand) and our wallets (upcycling what we have is free – that’s much cheaper than a trip to a store).

And most of all, it’s fun. Are you ready to start using upcylced beauty? We know that we are!