Upcycled Food Association Supports Brands Making World Better Place

It’s something that the big brand supermarkets don’t want you to know but nearly 40% of all food in the human supply chain goes in the garbage.

One way to radically reduce this shocking waste is to upcycle the unused and discarded materials to produce new food. This new “upcycled food” industry recently gained attention and a vote of confidence with the creation of the Upcycled Food Association.

What Is Upcycled Food?

One of the first actions taken by the newly formed association was the creation of a task force to standardize the definition of “upcycled food.” They authored a summary paper that lays out the definition elements.

Upcycled foods use ingredients that otherwise would not have gone to human consumption, are procured and produced using verifiable supply chains, and have a positive impact on the environment.

upcycled food association

Public Support For Upcycling Is Strong

They have the backing of 95% of the public that want to see this waste reduced.

positive upcycling movement

So, how do they do it? Through “upcycling”.

Upcycling is the reuse of discarded food products (which are still in a perfectly fit state for human consumption) to create other food products that are filling, healthy and delicious.

The Upcycled Food Association was created in 2019 as a non-profit to help individuals and businesses collaborate to reduce food waste.

They offer research, networking and strategic guidance to companies that want to operate in the upcycling space.

With more than 70 members and growing the association is doing great work. We look forward to seeing them grow and flourish!

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The CEO and COO

Turner Wyatt is the CEO. He came from the hunger relief movement to give the association direction and he works with Ben Gray, the COO, who helped co-found the Upcycled Food Association to deliver their services.

Their objective is to reduce the $1 trillion a year of food waste that is created by a consumer supply chain that all too often fails to get food from the farm to someone’s table.

This works through a process that is designed to create more food for people. It’s not meant to create animal feed.

The Upcycled Food Association notes that not only is there a demand for reducing this waste, there is a real demand for upcycled food products.

They say that over half of consumers would be keen to try and buy upcycled food if it were available in their area.

This should mean that the Upcycled Food Association will be connecting sustainable business for a long-time into the future.

Check out the association’s website here.

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