Uphoric Urth Champions of Medicinal Mushrooms, According To Mycologists

Kate Elise Seiberlich found herself in a state of total exhaustion. No matter what she did, exercise, eating right, she was tired and sick. Her immune system was shot to pieces. 

Kate Elise Seiberlich

Enter Medicinal Mushrooms

Kate tried nearly everything to get better. 

She took medicines and consulted specialists and nothing seemed to do the trick until she came across the idea of medicinal mushrooms.

She incorporated mushrooms into her daily routine and soon she found that she was feeling good.  Better than good, in fact.

My deepest gratitude and admiration to the mycologists, herbalists, farmers, and of course Mother Nature herself who have all inspired and breathed life into Üphoric Urth. Together, we hope to empower humankind’s journey on the road to YOÜ-phoria!

Kate Elise Seiberlich

Mushrooms Led To You-phoria

Kate felt so happy after discovering the impact of these mushrooms that she decided to base her life on bringing their benefits and her personal philosophy, You-phoria, to others.  And Uphoric Urth was born.

At Uphoric Urth she says everything starts with “U” (You) and that you have the power to heal yourself and operate at the optimum all day every day. 

Mushroom Extracts

To help you get to the point of feeling great, Uphoric Urth offers a range of tinctures prepared from mushrooms and each one is designed to help you deal with a different health issue.

So there’s an immunity booster, a focus booster, an energy booster, and so on… 

Clean And Pure Ingredients

no fillers vegan gluten free

And all of their products contain no fillers, no myceliated grain, just pure, organic mushroom tinctures. So you’ll feel great without hurting the planet.

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