The Vegan Alternatives to Chicken

Chicken Vegan Alternatives

Chicken is often the very last meat product that vegans give up when they make the change to a plant-based diet.

Now, there is no such thing as vegan chicken.

But you’ll be pleased to know there are plant-based chicken alternatives that really can replace chicken in your diet.

Plus, some super tasty vegan recipes for them too!

So, with that in mind, we offer up our favorite meat alternatives for vegan chicken.

The Best Alternatives For A Vegan Chicken Recipe

You can avoid one of the potential dangers of vegan diets by finding alternatives to your favorite goods and there is a huge variety of options for vegan chicken.

Soy Curls – Shredded Chicken Replacement

Soy curls are made of dehydrated soybeans. The process they’re made by involves heating them in water and stirring them over and over again.

Then they are dried at a low temperature which keeps all the nutrients in the curls and they are very rich in Omega-3 and fiber! They are the perfect shreds of chicken replacement and they absorb flavor really well.

Plant-based alternatives for vegan chicken don’t get much better than this.


Jackfruit can be found in most health food stores and even your local grocery store.

It’s a big green tropical fruit and, on its own, it has almost no flavour at all.

However, texturally it’s one of the best meat substitutes out there and it’s super close to chicken breast in terms of mouthfeel.

It will taste amazing when it’s used in recipes that call for pulled chicken pieces (like pulled pork but chicken) and when paired with a nice strong sauce.

Many say it’s the ultimate comfort food when prepared properly.


These legumes are one of the more unusual vegan substitutes for chicken and they contain plenty of fiber and protein which makes them a good choice for a healthy diet.

They have a subtle buttery flavor naturally but they taste good and are somewhat similar to chicken pieces when paired with the right sauces.

Visually, they won’t fool meat eaters, they don’t look like real chicken at all but most vegan eaters won’t care – they’re wholly delicious.


One of the top choices for vegan chicken is tofu and that’s because tofu has the right texture and also absorbs flavors really easily – so it can fool the senses into thinking it’s just about any kind of meat at all.

We use it in stir-fries, casseroles, curries, and pot pies because it’s generally served in cubes and it blends in well in these dishes.

It’s easy to find tofu at pretty much any grocery store too.


We’d recommend marinating tempeh before you use it in your favorite vegan recipe – we like something with an apple cider vinegar base to get the best flavor from this fermented soy beans product.

It tastes like a nutty chicken and has a slightly grainier texture. Because it loves to absorb flavors, use it in dishes with strong sauces and even saturated fat to get the most out of it.

Seitan (Vital Wheat Gluten)

Seitan is made from wheat meat or wheat gluten and it’s been popular in Asian cultures for centuries now.

It has no soy in it which can be a big deal if you cook vegan recipes for those averse to soy, and it is extremely high in protein (gluten to be precise) and it’s very satisfying in terms of mouthfeel.

You shouldn’t prepare this for coeliac disease sufferers however as they’re allergic to gluten.

It does resemble chicken to some extent too and can often win carnivores over to the vegan cause.


You have to cook it right but not only is cauliflower super good for you but it’s one of the best vegan alternatives to chicken ever.

It will happily absorb flavors from any sauce you put it in and if you give it a crispy exterior when you fry it? It’s super close to chicken in taste too.

You can even make it into cutlets or steaks!

Store-Bought Alternatives

You may also want to visit your local vegan-friendly store because there are tons of store-bought options for vegan chicken too.

Some popular brands include: Boca Original, Dr, Praeger’s, Field Roast, Gardein, Morningstar, Sweet Earth, and Tofurky.

Final Thoughts On Vegan Chicken Options

So there you go! The big vegan news is that in 202X you don’t have to surrender taste when you opt to eat more plants, there are many great alternatives for your favorite foods and even for chicken!

The options above are all tasty and affordable and once you master your favorite recipe with them, you won’t be able to get enough vegan chicken!

You might also enjoy learning how to make your own vegan meat while you listen to some vegan podcasts!

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