Vegan Alternatives to Uggs

Ugg boots are awesome when it comes to looking good and offering you a strong grip on icy winter sidewalks.

However, there is a problem with Ugg Boots, at least, there is if you’re serious about your vegan lifestyle.

Are Ugg Boots Vegan?

Uggs Vegan Alternatives

No. Uggs are not at all vegan.

Their designs all involved the use of fur, suede, wool, sheepskin, and animal leather.

There is no such thing as vegan ugg boots.

At least, not for now, and the company has not indicated that it’s looking to introduce vegan boots in the future either.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to give up that classic Ugg boots look. There are plenty of vegan alternatives to Uggs that look awesome and which are all cruelty-free alternatives too.

Vegan Ugg Alternatives

We can’t offer you a comprehensive list of every company making vegan alternatives to Uggs as the vegan Uggs market has exploded recently, so, instead, we wanted to outline some of the best brands that we’ve had the good fortune to test ourselves, instead.

That’s because it’s not enough to be a vegan alternative. We want products that are as good as real Ugg boots.

That means cruelty-free materials and vegan materials that are offered at an affordable price and which really stand up in Winter conditions too.

So, these brands are, for our money, the best vegan alternatives to Uggs that we can find.

Faux Fur From PAWJ California

These aren’t a perfect Ugg clone but they do offer some excellent faux fur lining in combination with a cruelty-free faux suede that is super comfortable.

In fact, these faux suede boots are not only 100% vegan but they come in a huge range of colors and styles and they look amazing.

We also like that they have a tall shaft just like a real Ugg does.

You can find them online here and here.

Excellent Imitations From Willowbee Zoey Boots

These faux-leather boots (find out more about vegan leather here) with a touch of faux suede are amazing Ugg-alikes and they use completely vegan materials to make their reasonably priced shoes.

We could easily see our favorite vegan fashion models walking down the catwalk in these.

You can find them at various vegan clothing stores too including the two linked below.

Our only complaint is the lining is very white and stains a bit easily in filthy weather conditions.

You can find them online here and here.

Suffering-Free Airwalks

Airwalk is one of our favorite brands of shoes and it comes as no surprise that they have built an entire range of Ugg-alike options.

They also do some nice work with faux shearling and ankle boots but that’s another story.

Their UGGs are not only completely pain and suffering-free for animals but as the name suggests, they are super comfortable to wear too.

Say goodbye to any sole or ankle pain that you may be suffering from.

You can find them online here and here.

Vegetarian Shoes’ Snug Boots

If you’re based in Europe then these fleecy faux sheep wool-lined vegan leather and suede snow boots are an awesome replacement for Uggs in your life.

These were, by far, the warmest boots that we tested in our trails, and if you need Winter Boots that won’t leave you with frozen toes?

Then you’re going to love these boots from Vegetarian Shoes, just be aware – as a European brand, postage to the US is more expensive than with some of the other brands in our roundup.

You can find them online here and here.

DAWGS The Ultimate Winter Boots

DAWGs are quite cheap and cheerful but they’re still solid Winter Boots and the outer sole is a slip-resistant rubber sole that really keeps traction on icy pavements without sending you tumbling.

The synthetic faux shearling is pretty tough as synthetic materials go and it should handle every weather condition without complaint – in fact, in that respect, it’s better than a high-quality synthetic suede.

Just one word of warning – order up a size, these run very small or, at least, the pairs we tested did.

You can find them online here and here.

One other thing we should note is that we saw a few other sites talking about Bearpaw boots, the trouble is that you can’t buy Bearpaw boots, vegan style. They only make vegan slippers, at least, for now.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to find Ugg-type boots that are completely vegan until they make Uggs vegan, at least.

You don’t need real fur or other animal materials to make a comfortable ugg-style boot which is as comfortable as real Uggs and the brands listed above are all living proof of this.

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