15 Amazing Vegan Essentials Every Plant Based Kitchen Needs

If you want to lead a healthy vegan life, you need a varied and interesting and diet, and the only way to achieve that is to ensure that you have a well-stocked pantry of vegan essentials. 

So, we’ve spent some time talking to the vegans we know to compile a list of 15 things that every vegan should have on hand all the time.

15 Vegan Essentials That Every Plant Based Kitchen Needs


There’s no doubt about it – nuts are super source of protein and healthy fats and they can go with almost any dish to add flavor or texture too.

Then, of course, there’s always the possibility of throwing your cashews into your favorite blender and making non-dairy cheese.

Vegan Food, Nuts

You might not know it but nuts freeze especially well and you can make them last longer by doing so.


Everyone needs some beans on hand and we’d like to think that every vegan always has some chickpeas and lentils around because they’re so flexible and because hummus is so yummy.

We also like to keep pinto, kidney, cannellini and even black beans around because they can really add volume to dishes.

Vegan Milk

You can’t be vegan if you’re spending money with dairy industry which inflicts such cruelty on cows but there are so many vegan alternatives now that nobody needs to. We love our vegan cashew milk poured over one of our favorite vegan cereals in the morning.

Vegan Essentials

We love our almond milk, but soy, hemp, cashew, rice, etc. all offer excellent tastes without adding much in the way of calorific content to food. They are real vegan essentials. Check out our guide to how to make cashew milk here.


Whole grains are simply essential and of course, they add plenty of fiber to our diet as well as providing some much needed slow-release carbs for the day ahead.

They can also add some real texture to meals when they feel a bit same-y. Everyone needs quinoa, brown rice, white rice, oats, millet and a few more to hand.

Agave Nectar

This is a super sweet alternative to honey which doesn’t leave bees, as vegan essentials shouldn’t; in the lurch, they harvest it from the agave cactus, and it contains loads of fructose.

Honey Substitute

It goes great in a cup of coffee too.


You don’t have to make your own, though it’s actually quite easy to do, but everyone needs some tempeh on hand because it’s such a generous protein source.

It keeps forever in the freezer which means you don’t need to worry about it going off too.

Herbs And Spices

Vegetables by themselves can get a little bland at times and not every dish works by adding the sugary hit of fruit but there’s no doubt that herbs and spices can really liven things up a bit.

Vegan Essentials

We like sage, pepper, cayenne, turmeric (for it’s anti-inflammatory properties), tarragon, oregano, cumin, and so much more!


Sure, you might not keep tofu in the pantry (mainly because it’s best kept in a refrigerator) but is there a vegan kitchen anywhere that doesn’t have a big supply of this delicious item?

You might also want to investigate buying some dried tofu which can work absolute wonders in a soup or a stir fry. You can even use tofu as a super base for a vegan dessert! It’s so flexible that it’s one of our favorite vegan essentials.


There’s nothing quite like pasta, it cooks quickly, gives you a super burst of energy and everyone loves it.

Plus, it’s something you can easily stock up on because it rarely goes off – though if you want to give making your own pasta a go, it’s very easy to do.

Vegan Pasta

Make sure that it’s not got any eggs in the recipe though. Whole-grain pastas are better for you too.

Dried Fruit

Sometimes you just need a snack and there’s nothing better in that moment than the bright sugary hit of dried fruit.

Sultanas, raisins, cranberries, apricots, etc. are all perfect for this and they can be brilliant when you’re creating baked desserts or even if you want to liven up a salad or any grain-heavy dish.

They’re so versatile!

Vegetable Stock

Make your own. Boil a bunch of veggies, season the water.

Vegan Essentials

Eat the veggies. Keep the water and use it as the base for soups, stews, etc.

Eat the veggies. Keep the water and use it as the base for soups, stews, etc.

Nutritional Yeast

This is a really cool way of adding a little flavor to dishes, try sprinkling it over freshly popped popcorn, it’s yummy! Check out the best nutritional yeast brands.


We love dates. They’re sticky sweet and so good.

Delicious Dates

You can use them as a binding agent for vegan pastries too. Don’t miss out.


If you need to add a little extra savory feel to a dish then make sure you have both the light and dark miso varieties on hand.

They’re both so versatile.


There is no pleasure in life greater than snacking on home made applesauce. It also goes great with baked goods.


Just make a huge batch and then keep jars and jars of it handy at all times.

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