Top 10 Vegan Memes That Will Make You Laugh (Or Cringe)

Vegan memes are everywhere these days.

It’s fair to say that the general public doesn’t always associated vegans with good humor. We think that’s pretty unfair as there’s nothing in a plant-based diet that requires becoming a misery guts hoping to rain down unhappiness on non-vegans.

In fact, we’d say that most vegans we know are calm, thoughtful ambassadors for a healthy lifestyle choice but are never preachy and try to avoid the whole “meat eaters are literally worse than Trump” style debates of YouTube.

To prove that vegans can laugh at themselves, we’d like to share our 10 favorite vegan memes with you. Vegans will enjoy these too, we promise.

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Sometimes, You’ve Got To Know When To Stop

vegan memes

Yeah, we know, it’s important for people to be able to take care of themselves but it’s also important for them to take care of the planet. Salads are yummy and eco-friendly, right?

Sharing The Love With Others

vegan meme

We can all be friends, even with members of the cast of Friends. There’s nothing a vegan loves more than to give a little shout out to people who are putting in the effort to cut down on their meat intake. Because we’re all in this together.

Vegan Confusion

Vegan Confusion

Every vegan knows it’s hard to change over your diet, particularly, if you liked the last one but we’re all a little puzzled as to why eating a vegetable burger evokes such extreme revulsion. If you can eat eyelids, you can eat beans.

Vegan Joy

confuse a vegan

We’d love to be confused if this is what everybody’s dinner looked like for real. If you can’t bear to give up the idea of eating a sheep – then eating one made from cauliflower is definitely better for the environment. 😊

Yeah, Cakes Are Hard

Yeah, Cakes Are Hard

We confess, we laughed out loud the moment we saw this. It’s a harsh truth but there just aren’t very many vegan cakes in most bakers, yet.

Thankfully, Not

side effects of veganism

Actually, it might be cool to be made out of carrot, at least for a little while but on balance, probably not.

Vegan Fashion Is Cheaper

vegan fashion

OK, sure, it’s a giant leak with a strap but no cows died for it and given how quirky fashion trends are, it might even catch on for a season before we all switch over to potato fanny packs.

Unleash Your Inner Vegan


Sure, it may not look quite as cool to be vegan as it feels but look at that guy – he’s happy, right? That’s what being vegan is all about, being happy.

All The Best Gorillas Are Vegan


Don’t forget that it’s perfectly possible to bulk up on a vegan diet – if this guy can do it without a nutritional guide, you’ll be fine armed with the ability to Google.

There Is Real Beauty In Fries

fries vegan?

Yeah, potatoes are vegan and that means fries can be vegan and there’s one thing we know that everyone on the planet has in common – a love for fries. Sometimes, to find the promised land, you just have to follow the smell of tomato ketchup.

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  1. TOO FUNNY! Thank you.

    I wonder what that cauliflower lamb tastes like with a vegan version of the sauce they use on gyro sandwiches…………………

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