Warp + Weft’s Ethical Denim Is A Family Affair

If there’s one thing that we love to wear more than anything else, it’s a pair of ethical jeans

The trouble is that it’s sometimes hard to find jeans which fit us and also fit into our ethos of sustainable fashion.

Well, that was until a sustainable fashion blogger pointed us in the direction of Warp + Weft. They have something for all body types. And it’s ethical as heck!

About Warp + Weft

Warp + Weft has been making amazing denim products for a long time, it’s a family business spanning three decades.

But what makes them special is that, while the industry average requires 1,800 gallons of water to make a pair of jeans, Warp + Weft uses less than 10 gallons of water.

More incredibly, 98% of all the water they use is recycled.

warp + weft blue women's jeans

They don’t use harmful bleaches either. 

They also pay a living wage, follow all ethical working standards, only work reasonable hours, and promote better working conditions for all their workers!

Our Favorite Products

There are so many awesome jeans to choose from and you’ll want to opt for something suitable to your body shape but for us, these are our 2 favorites.

For the ladies we adore their ICN Plus range, they’re so comfortable and they look great every time we wear them out. 

warp + weft men's jeans

And for the guys, we like the old school Straight ORD Hendrix jeans which are super traditional but still absolutely stylish. 

Final Thoughts On Warp+Weft

Warp + Weft’s achievements are so incredible that we can’t imagine buying jeans from anyone else at the moment. 

They’re comfortable, stylish and super friendly to the planet. 

Check out Warp + Weft online here.

If you love all things sustainable fashion, as we do, you may also enjoy our guide to slow fashion, check it out!

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