24 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day This Year

Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is coming!

(Well, it’s an annual event – it’s always coming, to be fair).

And we thought it might be nice to see what we can all do to celebrate that fact and make our planet a nicer place as we do.

And we came up with these awesome ways to do just that.

What Is Earth Day?

Earth Day takes place on April 22 each year and it is a day that is meant to provoke environmental awareness and see people support the renewal of the planet by undertaking activities that help.

This can be anything from reducing carbon emissions (to combat climate change) to make a place nicer and cleaner and less full of waste.

It’s also a celebration of just how much we benefit from the world around us.

It was begun by an activist in San Francisco and a senator back in 1970 and it was meant to encourage Americans to get involved in a demonstration for the planet.

Now, its scope has broadened considerably and Earth Day is meant to see us all take positive action for the world around us. Nature is counting on us to do so, in fact.

Great Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

  1. Start Keeping Bees
    It’s super easy and you will help to pollinate your garden and the gardens of everyone around you and in return? You get tasty honey. Use these great beekeeping starter kits to get started.
  2. Learn About Keeping Bees
    OK, you’re not ready to start the keeping just yet, so, why not take a free course in beekeeping? Did we mention, these courses are free? Because they are.
  3. Eliminate Some Plastics From Your Life
    See how to reduce the number of plastic microfibers you create each day.
  4. Go out and Pick Up Some Plastic Bags
    You may find that a local environmental organization is organizing this or you could head to one of our national parks and just offer to lend a hand. Earth day is about taking the initiative.
  5. Join the Earth Day Network
    If you’re really not sure how to spend Earth Day contact your local organizers and see what they suggest.
  6. Change Up Your Kitchen
    This won’t save money but you could swap out all the cleaning products in your kitchen that pollute for ones that don’t.
  7. Clean Up Your Bathroom
    Then go and do the same with all your bathroom products. There are plenty of eco-friendly products you could switch to on Earth Day.
  8. Plant Trees
    This is a great way of helping to combat global warming on Earth Day. Trees consume carbon dioxide and prevent it from heating up the planet.
  9. Install A Bird Feeder In A Tree
    Birds are suffering as we pollute the planet and giving them a place for some fresh air and food is not just good for the birds, it can help with saving trees and native plants too as they help to fertilize and pollinate plant species.
  10. Build a Play Garden
    How are you going to teach kids that the planet matters if they don’t have somewhere to appreciate the wonders of the natural world in?
  11. Enjoy Some Earth Day Crafts
    Take up some sort of craft that is kind to the planet. Such as making beeswax candles or recycling old t-shirts into new material creations.
  12. Stop Getting Printed Catalogs.
    Just make a pile of every catalog you’ve recieved this year and contact the people who sent it and ask them to send you a digital one next year. Far less wasteful and polluting. Say no to junk mail.
  13. Add Wildflowers To Your Garden On Earth Day
    There’s nothing better than allowing the nature that belongs in your area recolonize some of it. Find some native species and install them in your garden or yard.
  14. Make Sure you have a Recycling Bin or Two
    If you don’t already have a means of easily sorting your garbage, maybe Earth Day is the right time to make the investment?
  15. Get a Compost Bin and Use It
    Composting is super friendly to your garden and a much better way of disposing of food waste than allowing it to be sent to a landfill to generate greenhouse gases. We’ve got a list of the compost bins here.
  16. Reuse Something In Your Garden
    Old plant pots and trays can easily be repurposed and this will save you money as well as the planet.
  17. Start Using Public Transportation
    Fewer cars on the road means less pollution and alternative transportation is often cheaper and nowhere near as bad as you think it might be.
  18. Arrange a Community Clean
    Get out and talk to your neighbours and get them involved with Earth Day too. Why not just clean up the neighborhood and in particular remove any plastic bottles or single use plastics that you encounter while you’re out there.
  19. Stop Using Pesticides in Your Garden
    Just stop using all pesticides and chemichals. Full stop. This can make a big difference to the quality of the food you grow and how safe it is to eat too.
  20. Transition to Renewable Energy Sources
    If you can install some solar panels at home, you can cut down on using electricity derived from fossil fuels.
  21. Stop Wasting Water
    Install a smart watering system in your garden and only use as much water as the earth and soil really requires.
  22. Cut Down on Food Waste
    We’re not into body shaming, we’re just asking that you plan your portions as well as you can to try and reduce the amount of food waste that you generate.
  23. Start Volunteering
    If you want to make a difference on a regular basis why not become a volunteer for an organization which supports Earth Day objectives?
  24. Get Your Kids, Friends and Family Involved
    The more the merrier and the more people working to save the planet, the more likely that we will succeed.

Final Thoughts On Reducing Carbon Emissions And Your Carbon Footprint

We love Earth Day but the truth of the matter is this – we all need to treat the planet better all year around.

Focus on one thing each year, such as reducing your carbon emissions and carbon footprint (the best way to combat climate change) and stick to it.

Use Earth Day as a starting point for this and then enjoy your Earth Day activities knowing that you’re going to be making a much bigger difference all year round.