10 Ways To Make Your Home More Green & Eco-Friendly

Nearly every American says that they want to live in harmony with the planet and do less damage to the environment. 

Then they start reading up on green living and become overwhelmed by the endless information to live greener and they give up before the start.

So, today, we offer 10 ways to make your home more green and eco-friendly so that you have some simple actionable items that you can do, right now, to make good on your desire to lead a better life. 

Use Renewable Energy

It’s easy to install solar panels and solar generators pretty much everywhere nowadays and in the long run, it reduces your costs for electricity as well as saving the planet. 

Solar Panels

You might also want to take a long, hard look at how efficient your current household heating system is, old models are notoriously poor for leaking out energy that you pay for, consider replacing it if that’s the case. 

Switch To Eco-Friendly Products 

You’d be amazed at the range of green products you can buy now. 

Everything from household goods to our favorite makeup brands are making things that are kinder to the planet and they’re no longer always hugely expensive, either. 

If you hunt around in your local grocery store, for example, you’ll be amazed by the wealth of eco-friendly options you have for all your regular purchases. 

Cut Down On Water Use

We can’t emphasize this enough, the amount of water wasted in the world today is shocking and though we’ve come to think of water as a renewable resource, it isn’t. 

Water Tap

Once the world’s watercourses are polluted, we’re going to have to clean them up again and that will take energy and investment, things that could be put to better use elsewhere.

You can easily cut down on water use by doing simple things like flushing the toilet less and cutting down on time spent in the shower. 

Put An End To Plastic

Seriously, this is one of the most trivial things that we could all do and the impact on the Earth would be immense.

Our oceans are overflowing with plastic and bits of plastic “microparticles” are building up in every living being on the planet and we have no idea what the long-term effects will be. 

Stop using plastic today, if you do nothing else on this list. 

Stop Eating Meat (Or At Least Cut Down)

Dairy and meat production have a significant impact on the environment because they create huge volumes of greenhouse gasses

Cow with a nice haircut

By cutting down on these things in our diet (or better still, by going vegan and eliminating them), we can make the world a better place and with today’s plant-based eating options, things will still taste great!

Use Appliances More Efficiently

Doing toast in the oven is a bad idea if you have a toaster, which uses much less energy, of course, if you only eat toast once a year – the oven might be the better bet for your family. 

Look at each appliance in your home and ask, “Am I using this effectively?”

Reduce Your Overall Energy Consumption

You don’t have to start living off grid to reduce your energy consumption. 

Electric Plug

Switch lights off, unplug devices don’t leave them on standby, take things off charge when they’re 100% charged, that kind of thing, and you’ll soon be saving money on your electricity bill and saving the planet. 

Do a walk around your home or office now and see what’s plugged in that doesn’t need to be and unplug it. 

Wash In Cold Water

Yeah, it sounds silly but unless your clothes are covered in grease, they don’t need hot water to get clean and washing them in cold water not only reduces energy consumption but it helps save a fortune too. 

Recycle More 

Before you throw anything out, ask if you can put it to another use or turn it into something else of value. 

Recycle Bin

The more you recycle and reuse the things you buy, the less waste you generate. 

Grow More

Consider starting doing a little homesteading.

The more you grow at home and look to be self-sufficient, the greener your lifestyle is likely to be and thus, the better your relationship with the planet will be. 

Final Thoughts On Ways To Make Your Home More Green

It doesn’t have to be hard to live a greener life that’s in better balance with the planet. Start by following our simple steps and you’ll be making a huge difference in no time at all. 

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