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Who We Are

Whole People is a technology-based digital media company based in Ottawa, Canada and Chiang Mai, Thailand.  We strive to deliver positive journalism to readers, with the intention of making a meaningful difference in the world by highlighting our common humanity, promoting personal growth, and inspiring social change.

About Us

The exemplary Whole People story will make readers feel better about themselves or the world around them after they’ve read it. We accomplish this through pictures, through words, or through lists, but in the end our stories must inspire readers to take positive action. This can be as simple as a smile, a share, or as great as the causation for personal or global change. We do this in several ways:

  • Highlight social issues across the globe
  • Motivate actions of positive change
  • Inject joy into people’s lives
  • Enable people to think, dream, learn, and imagine
  • Inspire emotion that encourages people to feel more connected to one another
  • Provide resources for personal growth
  • Offer the opportunity to discover and appreciate our amazing world

Whole People furthers readers’ sense of connection with their community, their neighborhood, their enemy, or their world. Our stories encourage readers to see themselves in others and reveal their secret selves. Our stories highlight moments of courage, humiliation, anger, folly, but the ones that hit home are the ones that cause readers to feel that they are not alone with their imperfect selves. We do not make fun or put others down; we find ourselves in them!

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