What is a Soap Saver?

You probably haven’t put much thought into the amount of soap you use during the course of your life but it’s a lot.  In fact, according to Statista data – we spend nearly $6,000 on soap in the course of our lifetimes.

Why would you want to pay even more for soap than you have to in those circumstances?  That’s why you should check out a soap saver. 

What Is A Soap Saver And What Does It Do?

A soap saver is a ridged soap dish that maximizes the lifespan of your soap and it does so by keeping your soap dry. 

Yes, whether you make your own soap from a kit, buy sustainable soap or use milk soaps, they all get worn down more by being wet than they do by being in contact with your body. 

soap saver

The ridges keep the soap suspended in the air which flows over the soap, removing the water and keeps it dry. 

This is good for saving soap and it’s good because it stops you putting a hand out in the shower to find a slimy feeling soap. 

Oddly, they also reduce “soap scum” which makes cleaning the bathroom easier too. 

From an environmental perspective, soap doesn’t completely biodegrade when it’s thrown away and it contaminates rivers, oceans, and our own water supply.

A recent study in soap use showed that soap waste has a genuine impact on the environment – this is something that a soap saver can help to prevent.

How Do You Use A Soap Saver?

Fortunately, there’s no training course required – open the packet, pop the soap saver down on the side of the bath or in the tray for soap in the shower and you’re pretty much done.

Just try to keep it out of the water stream as it’s best kept dry, so that the soap dries faster when it’s put on the saver. 

If the soap saver has an open slotted base, you might want to put a paper towel under it to catch drips, but fortunately, this is not a standard design feature. 

A soap bag is not a soap saver, mind you, that’s just a thing you use to replace the loofah in your shower. 

How Do You Clean A Soap Saver?

soap dish

One of the best things about soap savers is that they’re pre-soaped when it comes to cleaning, just run them under hot water every few weeks and give it a bit of a scrub.

That’s all you need to do!

If you haven’t cleaned your soap saver in years, however, you may find so much soap build up on it that you need to use an acid cleaning agent to break it down – so, please, clean it more often. 

Is It Worth Buying A Soap Saver?

Yes. It saves you money, makes it easier to clean your bathroom and keeps the place neater. 

We’d also note that it stops the soap from falling on the floor of the bath/shower and stops you from slipping on it. 

It’s also kinder to the environment preventing the build-up of unbroken-down soap in landfills.

Is A Soap Sock The Same As A Soap Saver?

No, like a soap bag, the soap sock is an exfoliant mesh that lets you work soap into your body more easily than using a loofah. 

Should I Keep Soap In A Plastic Bag To Help It Last Longer?

Absolutely, not. A soap bar in a plastic bag is a horrible thing. 

It’s fine to chuck a bar of soap in a plastic bag to move it from one place to another, but not to store it in there.

It will never dry in a plastic bag and just become scummy and oily and unpleasant, instead. Yuck.

Final Thoughts On Soap Savers

A soap saver is an excellent idea for any bathroom and it helps to save you money, prevent unpleasant textures on your soap and reduces cleaning time and it helps the planet, what more could you ask for?

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