What Is Cottagecore?

The idea of “cottagecore” has been around longer than the term cottagecore has. At its heart, cottagecore is a design aesthetic and one that had life breathed into it online. 

Cottagecore Is A Celebration of Nostalgia

There’s much enthusiasm for modern homesteads now like the suburban homestead or the city-based homestead but cottagecore reaches back further into the past when living on a rural homestead was the most common way of life. 

The idea came about on Tumblr, the social network, in the early 2010s though it wasn’t given its name until 2018.

It focuses on the traditional values brought about from homesteading skills and crafting and draws on areas such as foraging, pottery, baking, etc. 

There is also a deeper drive within cottagecore to reclaim traditional social values such as “love is a connection between two souls.”

A Way To Break With Oppression

Many Generation Z adherents to cottagecore say that it’s also a way to reject the transphobia or homophobia of small town life while reclaiming the benefits of a simpler life. 

However, some critics say that the “traditional” feel of cottagecore is only surface deep and really, it’s a reflection of modern urban life in rural clothing.

Examples Of Cottagecore

If you want to find some examples of cottagecore in real life, they’re surprisingly easy to find.

That Strawberry Dress 

Perhaps, the most famous is “The Strawberry Dress,” this is a tea dress from the designer, Lirika Mathoshi, which dominated social media for a while. 

You can easily make out the rural influences in the look and the hearkening back to an age of innocence and, as the critics would like, you can also see that this isn’t really “traditional” rather it blends the old and new to create “cottagecore” instead.

Animal Crossing

The New York Times said of the social simulation game, Animal Crossing, that this was the game which, when translated into real life, would best represent cottagecore. 

This is certainly something that the game’s fan base has embraced and you can find cottagecore ideas for it everywhere online – check out these pinterest ideas for cottagecore animals. 

What Is Cottagecore?

Taylor Swift

Yes, the pop princess Taylor Swift has also taken on the cottagecore aesthetic and her 2020 album Folklore is a serious tribute to the movement. 

In fact, many critics feel that given the popularity of cottagecore in the pandemic season, Taylor Swift’s commercial instincts may be one of the key drivers of that popularity. 

Final Thoughts On Cottagecore

Cottagecore isn’t a throwback to days of yore. It’s a wonderful example of how the current generation has built on the past to create a nostalgic aesthetic that can bring anyone pleasure. 

If you enjoyed learning about cottagecore, you might also appreciate another design movement, the one started by Etee, why not check it out now? 

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