What Is Erythritol?

We like to think of ourselves as super sweet but even we acknowledge that sometimes, you have to add a little extra sweetness to your food. 

And that’s why we’re asking “What is Erythritol?” this week because it’s a (not so) new sweetener but how does it measure up when compared to sugar and other sweeteners?

What Is Erythritol? Erythritol Is A Sugar Substitute

This is a good thing.  It means that erythritol isn’t an artificial sweetener. 

It’s a naturally occurring compound that can be used in place of sugar, instead.

In fact, it’s a sugar alcohol. 

Erythritol Is A Low Calorie Sweetener

That means it tastes like sugar but it has fewer calories than sugar does and most importantly for many people, it has less of an impact on blood glucose levels. 

Sugar alcohols aren’t manufactured, they are found in fruits and vegetables. 

low calorie sweetener

And any Muslims out there don’t need to worry about erythritol, it doesn’t contain any ethanol (the alcohol found in alcoholic drinks). 

How Is Erythritol Used In Food?

The sugar alcohol is extracted from corn husks. 

It has absolutely no calories and it can be easily incorporated in chewing gum, baked goods and even drinks. 

how is erythritol used in food

It is said to be kind to the digestive system because it is easily absorbed by our small intestines which tend to reject toxins. 

Is Erythritol Guaranteed To Be Harm Free?

The FDA says erythritol is safe to use and has given it a GRAS rating. 

This means that it can be used in making and preparing food without any conditions. 

It also means that it has been scientifically tested and as far as scientists can determine – it presents no risks to human health.

This is, of course, not a cast-iron guarantee of complete safety – the FDA has withdrawn safe certification when products are later determined to be unsafe.

It does mean, however, that it’s believed to be safe – which is the best you’re going to get.

Are There Any Other Health Notes About Erythritol?

Yes, we think there are two important things for you to know about erythritol.

The first is that low and zero calorie sweeteners have been linked to weight gain. 

health notes about erythritol

Yes, there’s something about sweet flavors that makes our brains happy and when they’re happy – they tend to eat more than they should even if the sweetener is low calorie.

And the second concern is that a lot of erythritol comes from GMO crops and you should look around to try and find non-GMO variants before you purchase some. 

Is Erythritol Better Than Stevia?

Stevia isn’t the same kind of chemical as erythritol. 

However, both it and erythritol have no calories and provide a sweet taste and are 100% plant-based natural chemicals.

However, Stevia is much, much sweeter than erythritol is. 

is erythritol better than stevia

It’s 250 times sweeter than sugar! Erythritol is about 60% of sugar’s sweetness.

That means you have more flexibility using erythritol than stevia – if you use a little bit too much erythritol, it won’t ruin a dish with stevia it may completely overwhelm the taste with sweetness.


So, What is Erythritol? Erythritol is the perfect sugar substitute in many respects, it’s safe, tasty and can help you reduce calories in your cooking. 

Speaking of cooking – you should be using non-toxic cookware if you want to keep your family safe and we’d recommend that you check out some of these healthy food blogs for ideas for your kitchen. 

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