What Is Slow Fashion & Why You Should Care

Fast fashion is the current model that informs most of our fashion purchases.

The term “fast fashion” refers to a fashion movement designed to encourage people to constantly buy new items and discard the old. 

The internet and communication networks have made it possible for fashion houses to create fashion trends in February, sell the look in advance to the public as they send the designs to be made, and by April have them on the shelves.

Slow fashion is different.

What Is Slow Fashion?

With slow fashion the objective is not to buy 100 cheap garments but to buy one brilliantly made garment that is designed to last.

You don’t need a full wardrobe, you need enough items to mix and match to create unique looks but you don’t have to reinvent yourself daily, weekly or with every season – you can own a classic minimal look instead. 

Slow Fashion Is Sustainable

Ethical and sustainable fashion is a big deal. It means investing in fashion which is kinder to people and the planet. 

This is much easier to do when each garment you choose is built to last and isn’t “just another item for the landfill”. 

You can afford to put in the time to look for kind clothes in these circumstances.

How Do You Get Into Slow Fashion?

Getting into slow fashion is easy, you decide to do so and then you:

  • Fall in love with your clothes again
    Go through your wardrobe and examine the pieces you really love, ask yourself why and look for themes that will help you choose wisely in the future.
  • Go minimal
    Next up, you want to build yourself a nice minimal capsule wardrobe – this is going to help you focus on what really matters in your life and to help you let go of what doesn’t. 
  • Buy clothes in an informed manner
    Now, you’re operating on a small high-quality collection, buying new clothes should involve researching brands and what goes into the clothes as much as the looks you like. You might even want to hit up thrift stores before you buy new too. 
  • Use guides to help
    We’ve got a ton of guides on this site from vegan shoes, and vegan socks, to 43 sustainable clothing brands and even activewear brands! You can find even more with a quick Google search. 
  • Learn more. Find out about certifications, Fair Trade, labor practices, etc. and then decide what you’re willing to accept and what you’re not and then hold the companies you buy from accountable to those standards.