What Is Squalane Oil & Why You Should Care

Nearly 85 million Americans have problems with their skin each year, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

It’s clear w all need to take better care our skin.

One popular natural addition to your daily beauty regimen is the incorporation of squalane oil.

What Is Squalane Oil?

squalane oil

Squalane is you. Well, a part of you, anyway.  It’s the natural oil that occurs in your skin that maintains the quality of the epidermal layer. 

The kind of squalane you can buy is basically a natural or synthetic imitation of this oil. 

And because it’s nearly identical to the real thing, it’s very good for moisturizing with and it’s even said to have anti-aging benefits. 

That’s why many of our favorite natural beauty bloggers recommend it for their natural beauty routines

Breakdown of Squalane Oil Benefits

OK, so now we know what squalane is – let’s see why we should care. 

squalane softens the skin

There are many benefits that squalane oil has and these include:

  • Reducing fine lines on the skin. This helps to keep your face looking younger and more refreshed.
  • It softens the skin. By reducing the harshness of the texture of your skin, over time, it leaves it looking smooth and soft.
  • It doesn’t clog your pores. This means, in natural beauty terms, it’s “non-comedogenic”. It works with all skin types too.
  • It reduces “dark spots”. Squalane is an anti-oxidant and that means it can undo some of the damage done to your skin, including fading the appearance of dark spots.
  • It’s super light and totally breathable. That means you can use it with your current beauty routine. It mimics a natural part of your skin.
  • It’s a brilliant moisturizer. You’re basically using your own skin oil to moisturize with, it doesn’t get better than that.
  • It prevents irritation. Squalane is naturally soothing and it reduces irritation and inflammation of the skin.
  • It balances the oil in your skin. Oddly, because it mimics a natural oil, squalane can also help keep the oils on your skin in balance and that’s great news if you have oily skin.
  • It works with all skin types. All types of human skin have squalane in them, so it’s fine for all of them.
  • It keeps temporary redness to a minimum. You can apply it when you see the redness and it can show instant benefits!

How To Use Squalane In A Beauty Regime

Use Squalane

If you want to incorporate squalane into your natural beauty routine then you should:

  • Begin by cleansing your skin and use a natural face wash to remove any of the day’s grime
  • Then add your favorite toner
  • If you use any serums or treatments then they come next
  • Then you simply dab some squalane onto your fingertips and rub it into the skin of your neck and your face
  • When you wake up the next day, don’t forget to use some suncream 

That’s it! Yes, it’s very easy to use squalane oil!

Final Thoughts

Everyone should use squalane oil in their beauty regime because it’s one of the most natural and beneficial beauty products and it works completely in harmony with your body. 

If you’re looking for other great ingredients for your beauty routine, may we suggest that you check out our favorite clean beauty products? They’re awesome.