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The Wild Minimalist is one of our favorite sites of the moment.

It’s run by a Californian couple who took some time off from work to enjoy each other’s company and during their exploration of the Pacific Northwest realized, “We want to rid our lives of clutter and waste.”

When they got home, they decided that this was the moment to go zero waste – until they found that it was much harder than they had anticipated. There wasn’t one place to go to in order to turn your life into a waste-free zone.

So, the Wild Minimalist was born.

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Zero Waste Means Zero Waste

One of things that most impressed us about the Wild Minimalist was that it’s not just their products which are zero waste – so are the shipping materials.

That’s a big deal because so many “green” products arrive in plastic bags and it’s so disappointing when that happens.

The Wild Minimalist Range Is Awesome

wild minimalist

They really do endeavor to eliminate waste from every aspect of your lives. We’ve featured the Wild Minimalist in our round-up of the top Zero Waste Stores.

A good place to start is with their “zero waste kits” which bring together a bunch of products to make a big impact on a particular area of your life.

Once you’ve got that underway then you can start to explore their other lines.

We love the Stainless Steel lunchboxes that they offer in their Kitchen & Dining range, for example.

We think their zero waste kids’ sunscreen should be on every parents shopping list too, it works brilliantly and it smells good too!

Final Thoughts on Wild Minimalist

If you’re serious about going green, you’ve got to get serious about eliminating waste from your life.

The good news is that the Wild Minimalist makes this both fun and easy!

They’ll soon be your favorite place to shop too.

For additional strategies for living a fully sustainable life please check out our guide to natural living.

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