Wren Is The App We All Need Today

The global average for carbon emissions is 4 tons, per person, per year. 

Here in the United States it’s 16 tons, per person, per year. 

carbon emissions

We’re getting better as a society at conserving the planet but there’s still a long, long way to go.

And this makes many of us feel guilty and that we’re not doing enough, even when we’re doing all that we can. 

That’s why you need Wren because maybe you can’t get your carbon emissions down to zero, but you can certainly offset them. 

What Is Wren? 

Wren is an app that allows you to offset your carbon emissions. 

You pay a subscription and they offset your carbon emissions as calculated by your usage of things. 

So, for example, they look at the carbon footprint of your vehicle, your home, etc. and work out how much carbon you produce to offset. 

Why Do We Love Wren? 

Wren is different. 

We’ve seen ideas like this before but it’s never been so simple to see what you’re using and it’s never been so easy to offset that use.

planting a tree

Most importantly, you can see where your money is going, it’s transparent.

Whether it’s protecting rainforests in Peru or providing clean burning fuel to refugees, it’s obvious how your subscription is helping the planet. 

Final Thoughts On Wren Is The App We All Need Today

Joining Wren is joining a community that’s dedicated to making the planet a better place and it’s not expensive. 

The average subscriber pays $23 a month and they say it’s not just easy, it’s fun too. 
If you’re not already subscribed, we think you should be and then, if you want to get your subscription costs down – why not check out some electric scooters or electric bikes to reduce the carbon you produce in the first place?

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