6 Zero Waste TED Talks That Will Change Your Life

These zero waste TED Talks changed my life for the better. For reals.

I’m not 100% zero waste. Yet. but I am fueled to get there by the passion and commitment of these sustainable living champions.

Transitioning to a zero waste lifestyle can be difficult (though these amazing zero waste online stores can help) and when we initially moved nearer to zero waste it involved a lot of small steps forward. One at a time.

We urge you to take the time to watch and listen to these zero waste TED Talks. They will change your life. For the better.

The Non-Disposable Life | Lindsay Miles

This classic TED Talk by Lindsay Miles is truly inspirational. Lindsay is the well-known author of the sustainable living blog Treading My Own Path

Why I Live A Zero Waste Life | Lauren Singer

Lauren Singer is well-known for 16 oz. mason jar. In an impressive feat of zero waste living she managed to limit her personal waste over three years so much she can fit it into a jar.

Lauren’s blog Trash Is For Tossers is one of the best resources for zero waste living around. We also love these zero waste books if you’re looking for more resources.

Her motto?

Zero Waste Living is Simple, Cost Effective, and Fun.

Two Adults, Two Kids, Zero Waste | Bea Johnson

Bea Johnson has been championing the zero waste lifestyle since way back in 2008.

Don’t miss Bea’s blog Zero Waste Home and also her book by the same name, Zero Waste Home.

Why Plastic Pollution is Personal | Natalie Fee

As the founder of City to Sea, Natalie Fee is an expert on engaging communities to safegaurd the oceans and working with manufacturers to stop plastic pollution at its source.

How To Live a Plastic-Free Life | Alexis McGivern

Alexis McGivern is a well-known conservationist with a goal of creating a zero plastic society.

Her popular blog No Plastic Please is a great resource for anyone looking to go zero waste.

Going Green: Tips for a Zero-Waste Lifestyle | Haley Higdon

Haley Higdon is a Canadian environmentalist working at the University of Toronto.

She shares zero waste lifestyle tips for making small changes into sustainable habits on social media under the name 50 Shades of Green.

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